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The ‘soon to come’

Understand the principles of Optogenetics (Scientific Method of the Year, 2010) in 3 minutes

Algae showed the way

Yours truly classifying brain signals (speech imagery & vocal cord motor imagery) with an EEG to build a mind-controlled Slot Car Racing set

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An introduction to signal processing of neural recordings for Brain-Computer Interfaces

An introduction to signal acquisition with invasive neural recording techniques

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I’m now into the second week of my membership of medium and every day I’ve witnessed proclaimed X-step-guides into ways of becoming a better/more productive/healthier individual polluting my frontpage. And it’s all ‘backed by SCIENCE’!?! It’s time to call BS.

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Understand the basic principles underlying the most hyped emerging field of neuroscience: neurotechnology

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(Un)professional treatment of self-harming patients is a sad reality

It is almost always an unnecessarily complicated experience for psychiatric patients to interact with non-psychiatric departments - especially the ER - when the underlying reason for the visit or consult is a psychiatric condition. And it’s my own colleagues, the medical community, who are to blame. We are harming the self-harmed.

Younes Subhi

Neural-engineer 🧑🏻‍💻 soon to be MD 🩺 Neuro-curious 🧠 everything brains, neurotechnology, transhumanism, psychiatry and philosophy.

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